I’ve been meditating every day for the past week using the guided imagery for women with interstitial cystitis CD. I’ve really been trying to meditate, but it’s really difficult for me. I have made sure to at least try to meditate using the CDs each day. Some days are harder than others, but pretty much every day is difficult. The second I’m supposed to sit down and relax my mind starts to run even faster than normal (which I didn’t know was possible). I start to fidget and get itchy. I try to ignore these things, but the more I ignore them the more obvious they become. I don’t know why meditating is so much work for me. I’m told that it will get easier with practice.

Meditation is supposed to be relaxing, so why do I get anxious when attempting to meditate? The difficulties that I’m having with it are the reasons why I never liked meditating. Despite the difficulties I’m having with meditation, I keep trying because of the benefits that it has. The guided meditation I’m using is supposed to help with my bladder disorder. I’ve been having so many problems with my bladder that I’m willing to try anything in order to see some improvement. There was one time that I was meditating using the CD and I ended up falling asleep. I don’t know if that counts as meditating since I fell asleep in the middle of it, but it does show that I’m getting better because I had to be relaxed in order fall asleep. I can say for certain that I have been giving 100% effort into meditation every day and I will continue to do so for at least one month.

4 thoughts on “Why Is Meditating So Difficult?

  1. Good luck. I’ve tried to meditate. It doesn’t work for me. First I have racing thoughts. Then I become “numb” feeling and fall asleep every time. Not sure that’s what was supposed to happen.

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        1. I have refused to try meditating for over a decade. It only became willing to try it because my physical pain has been so bad and nothing else was working. I believe that things will fall into place when they’re supposed to. I’m hoping that meditation will help “center” me, but I’m still so new at it that I don’t know if it will do that.

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