I heard some bad news yesterday. My dad’s old business partner died. Since I found out, I’ve been a little off, a bit sad. It feels like losing another part of my dad. It brought back memories of my father, which made me smile and cry. I hadn’t talked to this guy in at least ten years, probably more like 15 years, but he was a memorable and wonderful part of my childhood. This news is racing through my mind. It feels odd to be this upset about the death of a guy I haven’t seen in over a decade.

One thought on “Rest In Peace

  1. I had an outpatient procedure and even though I’m glad for the mercy of anesthesia, it brought me face to face with my mortality. Death does this. Also, I look at how much time do I have left at 55? I have some goals for tardive awareness….but it’s taking up a lot of time and when I’m dead, looking back, I don’t want to think all I did was focus on bipolar and tardive. Not fair to my husband.

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