Chaos Of Flying

I’m writing this while on my first flight; there are no direct flights from Phoenix to Hartford. My husband and I are traveling through the night. We have a 4 hour layover in Charlotte. I’d rather have a long layover than a short one; I hate the stress of thinking I might miss my second flight. My first flight was late due to some kind of maintenance issues  (I think). If I had chosen the shorter layover, I probably would have missed my second flight.

The Phoenix airport was busier than I thought it would be,  causing my anxiety to rise. I can’t stand it when people just walk all over the place. People should walk on one side of the hallway to go one direction and the opposite side to go the other way, like when driving. However, people don’t do that. They just walk wherever they feel like, pushing their way through the crowds.

I’m sitting in an aisle seat on the plane. People keep bumping into me every time they walk past me. There is no such thing as personal space when traveling via commercial plane. I did fall asleep on my husband’s shoulder for about 45 minutes. At least I got some sleep, it’s better than nothing; I’m not going to count on getting any more. I wonder how busy the Charlotte airport with be. All the chaos and anxiety of flying are completely worth it because I get to see my family at the end of my travels.

12 thoughts on “Chaos Of Flying

  1. Find an empty “gate” that is somewhat near yours. There usually is one. Just tuck yourself into a corner there and zone out.

    I ALWAYS try to get the window when possible. If I have the aisle seat my anxiety skyrockets.

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