Yesterday ended up being an okay day. It was my birthday, and I got to spend my day with a friend and the night I spend with my husband.

My memory is still really bad. I tend to forget things that I’m told anywhere from less than an hour to a month or so. It’s making my life very difficult. I’m already taking two medications for Alzheimer’s, Memantine 5mg and Donepezil HCL 5mg, but they don’t seem to be working yet. I’m not sure when they’re going to start working, if they’re going to work for me at all.

I’m doing my best to write everything down in my new bullet journal. It helps me organize my days, weeks, and months. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep track of everything. In order remember everything, I have to write it down as soon as I’m told. If I don’t write it down right away, then I’m sure to forget it.

10 thoughts on “Memory Difficulties

  1. memory problem suck. a couple of months ago, i was having memory struggles, the worst of my life. ex. i was working in the kitchen and realized i didn’t have my glasses. i turn 180° in place and forgot what i was going to do. this had a different feel than my short term forgetfulness i regularly have. it felt scary.

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      1. i have the same feeling about my wife sometimes, thinking that she’ll get fed up and leave.

        my hope: that we each found one of those gems, and love us even in spite of all our warts.

        btw, i was impressed with your reaction time on girl scout cookies yesterday. i seemed like i had just lifted my finger of the the post button, then bam!, i got your like! 👍😀

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        1. I agree with your hope, that we both found those special individuals that love us in spite of all of our difficulties.

          One thing I do that helps, is a keep a notebook with me and I write down anything that I want to remember. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it helps a lot.

          Just so you know, I was eating thin mints when I read your post and liked it. It was like you were in my mind 🙂


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