Yesterday was a great, but busy day with my mom. It started out by taking my dog, Cash, to the vet because he was peeing blood and foam. He doesn’t act like he’s in pain, but it still worries me. The vet thinks it’s an infection, so they started him off with an injection of antibiotics and then gave him more antibiotics (2 pills twice a day).

After that, we went to look at houses. A friend of ours, from program, is a realtor, so it’s nice to have someone that we trust. After looking at probably 5 houses, we ended up finding a house that we love! I’m hoping they accept our offer. Now, it’s just a waiting game. I hate waiting.

3 thoughts on “Busy and Awesome Day Yesterday

  1. Hope your pup is doing better.
    How exciting about the house. And so great that your mom can be with you for this. I hope they take your offer!

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