I have been on disability for many years. I have thought about going back to work, so I discussed the idea with my therapist. When I do go back to work, I would need to start slow, probably with only about 10 hours a week, and I would need to work from home. I brought this idea up to my therapist, and he did not like it. He doesn’t think I’m ready to go back to work.

I miss the feeling of satisfaction that you get from working. I know I’ll go back to work some day, at least I hope so, I just don’t know when.

14 thoughts on “Disability and Work

  1. yea, it can imagine it would easy to be hard on yourself when not feeling productive as society defines it. been there, done that, doing it again today.

    have you thought about then intermediate step, volunteering? find something that would bring your joy. from what i know of you, animals would be a good example. find an organization that could use a couple hours a week, move to five, then eight, then ten. that would be the proof for 10 per week and move from there. it would be a bunch of baby steps for taking a bigger leap.

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  2. Being on long term sick and or disabled and wanting to return to work can be daunting for many reasons. Are you ready? Maybe volunteering as previous writer states and that will be a good indicator. But what you have suggested 10 hours in your homes a great idea although is it worth your while working? I don’t know which part if country you are from so all govt have different working policies x

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  3. It’s very difficult isn’t it. In one way I feel like getting back to work would help me to feel useful; on the other hand I’m frightened it’s too soon and I’ll relapse very quickly. My plan is to do some volunteering for a few hours a week first to see how that goes – as its a much lighter commitment than paid work. Have you considered any voluntary work at all? It’s not for everyone but it could be a good, lower pressure, middle-ground.

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  4. This is when it becomes hard being on benefit. Working 16 hours are more is worth your while, I’m not sure do you get to keep the 10 hours to yourself? X

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  5. Living with a disability is hard. If you don’t have one, you can not relate. I thought I was ready to go back to work. I realize more and more that I do good just to make it to the next day. With certain disabilities, your body will only let you do so much. You may be best working at home. I have been constantly searching the internet for “real” ways to make money from home. There are many scams. I tense up and get anxiety when I think of getting back to the real working world. The comforts of my home is my setting. I read that there is money to be made by blogging. But you have to have money to make money. I am not receiving income. I am looking and researching for more information. I will try to post back or maybe do a writing on these topics for people like us. Can’t hurt anything. Good luck

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    1. I agree with you completely. For now, I’m just overwhelmed with things to do and my memory is so horrible that I don’t know how I would even work to begin with. For now, I just need to take care of myself and my family.


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