Achilles did really well last night. My husband and I were a little worried that he was going to freak out during the fireworks last night. However, we didn’t hear any fireworks last night. While we were home and when we took a walk (around 10:30pm), we heard a few loud noises, but Achilles didn’t bark once. He still almost never barks. He’s only done so about 5 times since we got him, which was just over 5 weeks ago.

He’s a really good dog, but he can get himself in trouble. Earlier today, he was running around the house playing catch (with his Kong ball) and he ran into the wall. It didn’t phase him at all, but he did take some of the paint and even some drywall off the corner. My brother-in-law will help us fix this. Now, Achilles is resting peacefully.

8 thoughts on “Achilles Did Great Last Night

  1. sherlock on does “soft” damage. first, he ate a single sized polar fleece blanket. we kept finding red and black piece of material in piles of poop. his current blanket is wool backed with a faux fur. we often chews on the fur. no problem; when he’s done, we’ll have wool throw.

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    1. Wow, that’s a lot for a dog to eat. Good thing it didn’t get stuck in his stomach. My previous dog, Cash, would eat just about everything, and he had two surgeries to get it out of him. One was for eating the carpet and shower curtain, and the other was for an ear of corn that he ate. I’m glad that Sherlock is okay.

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