At The Airport: Not As Bad This Time

I checked in for my flight home and got through security in about 15 minutes. The security guy was looking at my license and my tickets for almost a whole minute. I thought it was a sign that I was going to get a pat down or my my things searched. Luckily, none of that hapoened, but my anxiety did increase greatly in the moment.

It’s a smaller airport where I am right now than it is back home. There are so many empty benches where I can sit down and relax without feeling crowded. The only time it gets crowded is when it’s time to board the plane. Everyone acts like children, all wanting to be the first ones to board. I could care less when I board. I just want people to respect my personal space. Again, positive thinking will help with the boarding. I can do this. Yes I can.

I miss my family already, but I can’t wait to see my husband. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Everyone needs alone time, so I’m glad I was able to give that to him. But I’m ready to see him again.

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