Extra Layover Time

My flight landed 15 minutes early. It went well, no problems. I have 2 hours and 15 minutes until my next flight boards, that’s a long layover. It’s a crowded airport, but I was able to find a seat with my back against a wall. I know I can’t stay here the whole time. I’ll have to get up at some point to get a snack for my next flight. That’s when my heart starts racing again because I’m back in the crowd. I hate crowds. I wish there was a better way to travel alone.

I’m trying to figure out when to take my next Valium. I only get 2 a day, and I can feel the first one wearing off. I don’t want to take the next one too soon because it will wear off when I need it. If I take it too late then it won’t kick in on time. I think I’ll take it in about an hour. That way, it can help me with the boarding process for my next flight, which is the hardest part of it all. I’ll just have to deal with part of the flight, which is over 4 hours long. I have a very hard time being that close to others. I guess I’ll just do the best that I can.

I really just want this day to be over with. I want to sit on the couch with my husband and simply relax (as much as I can relax). It will be soon.

One thought on “Extra Layover Time

  1. Keep the faith–Hyperloop had its first test today!! https://hyperloop-one.com/ They are now saying it may be ready for passengers by 2018. A 6 hour flight would be a 30 minute hyperloop ride. So hang in there everything changes ( and this is a metaphor as well as news 🙂 )

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