I don’t know why I feel guilt so often. If someone is upset, I feel as though it is my fault. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel as if I am responsible to resolve the situation. This is an exhausting and daunting task. I’m trying to fix this by not responding to someone when I know I am not at fault. I can say, “I’m sorry you are struggling.” However, I don’t need to take over their situation. I think my husband was the first one that pointed this out to me. I ignored it for a while because I thought he was wrong. However, I’m starting to realize that he is right. It’s not necessarily about what I say to others about feeling guilty, it’s about how I feel internally.

The feeling of guilt is overwhelming and onerous. Does anyone have other suggestions? I’m open to any ideas.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Guilt For No Reason

  1. I used to say I feel guilty for everything. I joked about it that I have Jewish guilt. One day when I was at my psychiatrist he handed me a dictionary and had me look up the word guilt and read it to him. The definition was ” feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined”. He asked me what my offense, crime or wrong (real or imagined) was and I couldn’t answer. His suggestion was that I am feeling responsible, for things that may or may not be my responsibility ( that was another session or 20!) but not guilt. It made sense to me and was a real eye opener for me. Might not click for anyone else – but for me, when I feel guilty, unless I have DONE something (real or imagined) to feel guilty about I figure it must be another feeling and I try to explore what that is. Might not be easier to deal with but some feelings make more sense to me than others.

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    1. That is an eye opener. My problem is that I just assume I did something wrong. When someone is upset, I just think I screwed up. I’m going to work on reminding myself of the definition the next time my feelings of guilt arise. I shouldn’t just assume everything is my fault.

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  2. I recently discovered something called hyper-responsibility and I think it may be what you are describing here. If you google it you can find more about it. Long story short, I am the exact same way. I feel responsible for everything, guilty for everything, and it all fuels my anxiety and OCD behavior. I hope you can find some peace from this.

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    1. You said, “it isn’t your responsibility to make other peoples lives better, you are only responsible for you.” That is my biggest struggle. I keep trying to make everyone else feel better and I ignore my own emotions. I really need to work on that. Thank you

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