Today is day 11 of the juicing fast. I am admitting that my husband and I have messed up for dinner two different nights. I do fine all day long. I have no cravings or desires to eat ‘bad’ foods. However, once the night-time hits, I crave all sorts of food. I really don’t like this juice fast. Honestly, it sucks. But I am seeing some wonderful benefits that make it worth continuing.

We are doing the best that we can. The best part is that even after we slip up, we go back to the juicing. We don’t let our mistakes take control. We have found a couple of new drinks that we both like. This morning, we are starting fresh after the mistake we made last night.

13 thoughts on “Juicing Mess Up

  1. I like to call that the GPS mentality. When you take a wrong turn in a car and the GPS is on it doesn’t say “YOU IDIOT- Why didn’t you know where to go? You are so stupid, you ‘ll never get there now!!” Instead the GPS says to you in a nice voice something like “at the first opportunity, make a turn to get back on your route”. If only our minds could always be in GPS mentality instead of beating ourselves up! Good for you that you have been able to do it about the juice fast and been kind to your self about the detours.

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