Many people diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental health disorders frequently tend to isolate, often without realizing it. Isolation is an unhealthy symptom of bipolar disorder. Isolation can fuel depression, then the depression makes the person want to isolate even more. If it wasn’t for my husband and family, who encourages me to get out of the house and talk to friends, then I probably wouldn’t see or talk to anyone.

I like to isolate, is it wrong that I would rather be alone than with people? I prefer to be by myself. I don’t get bored or lonely, at least not lately, and it’s a lot less stress when I’m alone. If it were up to me, I would only leave the house to run errands and go to appointments. But I know that’s not healthy. For me, it’s more work to be around people than it is to be alone. There are a lot of times when I don’t want to go out, but I do; then I’m glad I ended up going out. I have to remember that sometimes I enjoy myself when I go out. I can’t give up on socializing.

19 thoughts on “Isolating

  1. I’m with you! I don’t get bored or lonely on my own, and struggle to make myself go out, even though I have lovely friends. Luckily they’re understanding ones, too – they know I don’t like big gatherings, and also know I’ll always sneak away home quite early…

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  2. I love my alone time – I am an introvert although most people who know me wouldn’t call me that. They see me when I am out and around others and at those times I am up and on and so they consider me to be an extrovert. In reality, I love my alone time at home with my dogs, and I get my people fixes in short (time) doses -although sometimes they are large groups of people, and I am ok with that for the short period. Just as long as I know it is for a short time.

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    1. I like how you said, “I get my people fixes in short (time) doses -although sometimes they are large groups of people”. I don’t always want to be in large groups of people, but I can handle it (with some Valium) because I know it’s just for a short time.Thank you.

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  3. It’s ironic that one of the best “treatments” for my depression is running. I’ll go out for an hour or two and come back TEMPORARILY relieved of the sadness and bleakness. But I run solo, so running, for me, is isolating. I get away from people by running.

    When I do socialize, I enjoy it well enuf, but I am exhausted afterward and ready to withdraw.

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      1. Any kind of exercising is supposed to be good — that whole endorphin escalation thing. That’s why it’s only temporary. Also, there is an actual condition called post-marathon depression that is commonplace. Can’t win!

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  4. I don’t think it is wrong to prefer to be alone. People have different temperaments. I enjoy my time alone and would rather not interact with others. I realize it can get unhealthy when you totally cut yourself off and I am working on finding ways to reintroduce myself to the world, but preferring to be alone in general is not a bad thing. My alone time allows me to think (both good and bad) and it gives me time to be creative.

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  5. tell me, are you more fed by being alone or in a small group, like me, or in large groups? The former and your likely an introvert; the latter and your most likely and extrovert.

    as i know, being an introvert comes with its own problems. introverts are fed by being alone by at the same time, being alone can become my cross, isolation. my struggle is to find a balance of being fed but not isolating. i’m horrible at that, btw.

    it’s sounds like you also struggle with the fed/isolate struggle. though, i honor you for your many victories!

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  6. For me your your aspiration to be alone is not something wrong or bad. But on condition that you feel good and completely satisfied. Much more unhealthy to be nervous because you need to go somewhere, meet with people, talk to them… Maybe I say like this because this is close to me :). But anyway, I convinced, everyone have a right to live in comfort and without stress.

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