I absolutely love this time of the year in Arizona. I can keep the doors open for most of the day without have to turn the air conditioner or heat on. It isn’t often that the weather is this nice in Phoenix, AZ. I don’t mind keeping the back door open, but I can’t have the front door open unless my husband is home with me. I’ve tried to do it before, but every single noise freaks me out. So I keep one door open, and then when my husband gets home from work, I open the front door too. Then we get the wonderful cross-breeze, which is so refreshing.

It’s not often that there is this perfect weather. It’s usually either too cold or way too hot. The chilly air here is just enough for me to put on a sweater and get under a blanket. I don’t really need one, but I enjoy getting all bundled up. It reminds me of the cold days in Connecticut, without having to deal with the actual extreme freezing cold weather.

4 thoughts on “Loving The Weather

  1. I was in AZ for two months for residential treatment for my eating disorder at Remuda Ranch (it’s in Wickenberg). AZ is much, much less humid than the southeast where I live. I loved the weather while I was there, even though I didn’t love my time there (really, who loves inpatient or residential?). It was from the end of Sept. to the end of Nov.

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