Yesterday was a rough day. I couldn’t get myself to do almost anything. I did force myself to do a couple of things, but I had a lot more on my to-do list that did not get done. Normally, I do much better when I’m home by myself, but yesterday was not one of those days. Maybe it was my way of letting go of all the buildup from Thanksgiving. However, I have a family reunion tomorrow that I need to mentally prepare for. I will be cooking in the morning so I can bring some food with me to the get-together. I will be meeting some people for the first time. This is very anxiety provoking. I’m very thankful for Valium.

I have to really push myself harder. There’s only a couple of more days until I leave for Connecticut. I’m half ecstatic and half stressed/overwhelmed. I guess I’m worried about the unknown. That’s almost always what I worry about. Maybe I need to focus more on what I do know and less about the unknown.

4 thoughts on “Rough Day By Myself

  1. This is a hard time of year for a lot of people, even if it means spending time with loved ones (or in some cases, BECAUSE it means spending time with loved ones). I believe you can make it through all of this, though. You are strong. (hugs)

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  2. or maybe it time for a little grace. would you expect a kindergartner to accomplish the same amount of stuff as a ceo? would you expect someone horizontal because of the flu to accomplish the same amount of stuff compared when they are on the top of their game? you have depression. i have no idea where you are in cycle, but i cut you some slack if appropriate.

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