It’s so hard to get motivated lately. I got home from vacation and all my motivation is gone. There’s so much to do and I can’t seem to get myself to do it. I need to reorganize my closet; t-shirts come out and sweaters go in. I have to pick up prescriptions, I need to make an appointment at the vet so my dog can get a shot and a bath. I also need to contact my new prescription drug company and clean the house. Every time I get one thing done, it feels like I find two more things I need to do.

How can I get motivated? Normally, to-do lists work great for me. However, the past couple days I’ve been struggling to even make to-do lists. I’m getting a couple little things done, but I keep avoiding the big stuff like my closet.

3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. The way I do it is to change the way you think about doing from feeling like you have to do it to wanting to do it for the result you will get for doing it. Sorry if that is a little complicated lol so basically just change your thought process from all the bad parts about doing it and think about the result. I really hope that helps. Maybe I will have a post about that with examples and get more in-depth if it helps you. So let me know what you think. K thanks and good luck!

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      1. That’s what I try to do too. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed it feel like my brain is swelling up and is going to erupt any second. You may know the feeling. It’s so hard to explain to family because they never experienced it well my family I mean. But it would be nice to talk to someone that can relate. I have friends that got clean and don’t have any anxiety or depression so they don’t get it either. But we can retrain our brains. It is difficult at first but if you keep doing what you are working on over and over it will start becoming routine and ur subconscious mind will take over and start recognizing the pattern. Just make sure you have faith and picture yourself being able to accomplish it. AND YOU WILL!!

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