Yesterday was a slow day. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I pretty much laid on the couch all day. It was a very long and boring day. I’m feeling better today, so I need to get back on track. I need to go grocery shopping today and workout (Zumba).

I’ve been eating healthy and working out for a little while now. I lost 3 pounds in the first 3 days, but then my weight has stayed steady since then. It makes me feel like I’m doing all of this work for nothing. I know the results will show up eventually, I just don’t have a lot of patience. Patience is one of the most important things I need to keep right now. I don’t want to give up before the results show. I’m doing all the right things, the results will show eventually.

6 thoughts on “Waiting For Results

  1. i honor you with weight loss no exercise.

    my advice: don’t think biggest loser weight loss, 10 lbs/wk. research shows rapid weight loss makes for a higher likelihood of retaining the weight.

    tooting my own horn: from jan to late june, i lost 30 lbs, getting below my high school weight. that works out to be just 1.2 lb/wk, pretty close to the recommended 1 lb/wk.

    the 1 lb/wk makes success easier because of the attainability. additionally having the staying power to get to goal weight will allow for longer healthy patterns since it takes longer getting to goal. that longer time with healthy patterns makes it easier to carry on the healthy patterns. more practice =more established pattern=easier to carry forward.

    sorry: will officially step down form my soap box.

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  2. It’s my understanding and experience weight loss is quick at the beginning. However, as with anything attacking/changing your body, it adjusts quickly. It’s common. Just keep at it. Don’t think about it every day or even weekly, or even monthly for that matter (you just build up anxiety and disappointments). Keep up a daily routine measuring your success every other month or every three months. If you’re disappointed at your success then, its easier to deal with. I hope that helps.

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