I just found a new lump on my dog. It’s different from the other lumps he has. He’s an older dog (he’s 11), so finding lumps is not abnormal, however, this new one is unlike any other lump I’ve seen on him. So we’re going to the vet tomorrow at 10am. I’m hoping that he’s okay, but I’m worried. I asked my husband to come with me as support. I’ll keep you updated after tomorrow’s appointment.

4 thoughts on “New Lump On My Dog

  1. i’m not trying to minimize your worry; you’re feeling it and it’s real. Do know sometimes those lumps are simply fatty tissue. my dog’s mom is loaded with them. my dog, now 11, is starting to get some. He’s up to a handful, or two. my hope for you is your dog’s lump is fatty tissue. i can tell you care about dog since your writing about him. he means a lot to you. a little worry is more than a-o-kay.

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