We just got home from the vet and it is good news. Cash is already snuggled up in his bed. He did really good at the vet’s office. None of the lumps appear to be a problem. The vet did find a little mass on Cash’s eyelid. He said that the tiny eyelid mass was more of an issue than any of the other many lumps on his stomach and ribs. He’s going to remove all of the lumps tomorrow, including the one on his eyelid, and it’s only going to cost $195! That’s much cheaper than I was expecting. We drop Cash off tomorrow morning and then we get to pick him up later in the afternoon. I’m so happy that the vet wasn’t concerned by any of the lumps.

6 thoughts on “Good News From The Vet

  1. That is wonderful news! You must be relieved. My 13 1/2 year old golden retriever had an eyelid bump and 2 big bumps from her back removed last July. It made her much more comfortable to have them gone – they can’t tell us that something is scratching their eye but it must have been incredibly annoying and maybe even painful. I am sure he will feel better once it is gone. That cost is fabulous. So glad it is all working out.

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    1. I feel bad because I never noticed the eyelid bump and I have no clue how long it has been there. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have been. I’m just happy that I noticed the other new bump on his stomach, which made me bring him to the vet, who then saw the eyelid problem. It all worked out.

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    1. He is happy and asleep in his bed. He has no clue that he’s having all his lumps tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow he will be even half as happy as he is today. He’s done well with all of his other surgeries, I expect he will do well with this one too.

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  2. glad to hear your pooch is doing fine. i bet that’s a relief.

    jimmy, our dog with fatty tissue problems, gets what i call tags inside his eyelids. i imagine they are related to his fatty nodules. we know when they have flared up because sherlock licks at his eye. thankfully, our procedure is about half of what yours is.

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