It doesn’t rain much in Phoenix. When it does rain, it’s weird. For example, it can rain on one side of the street but not on the other side. I tend to feel a little more depressed than normal when it rains. I think that may be part of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Since it doesn’t snow in Phoenix, rain is the closest we get to winter storms.

From mid-June until the end of September, Phoenix has what it calls monsoon season. That’s when we get about half of our yearly rainfall. It still rains outside of those dates, just not as much. It has been raining/sprinkling a lot this past week. I don’t like to go out in the rain, neither does my dog. So I stay in, even more than normal, which just adds to the depression. To get Cash to go outside, I have to put a jacket and boots on him. He hates getting wet. I have to force myself to get up and get out of the house. It’s not easy, but I know it’s not healthy to stay in all day every day.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Sad In The Rain

  1. I can understand why you feel that way. Rain affects a lot of people that way. Oddly I am the opposite. I love a rainy (or snow storm) day. They feel like days to curl up in a big chair with a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book or watch a marathon of shows love. Then again, can’t take the heat much – so we are all different.
    Keep hanging in there.

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  2. rain can do that to people and your reaction explains a couple of things.

    in a depression support group, last week there was a young lady who had moved from florida to the seattle area and had arrived two weeks ago. it had been a typical seattle winter two weeks with some rain and the clouds having fifty shades of grey. she had been struggling with depression and ask, “is it always so black here?” someone in the group informed her the color was grey and not black. i could see how someone coming from sunny climes might react that way.

    then, a few years ago, seattle had measurable rain fall on 92 days in a row! most of those days the clouds were the typical seattle 50 shades of grey but sometimes sun would breakout for part of the day. still, it felt overbearing.

    this in no way meant to minimize your reaction, but explain why seattle is one of the most depressed us cities. imagine your reaction and multiple that by 14 or even 92. it would be draining, huh?

    the joke is, “seattle rainy season: start Sept 1, ends aug 30.” that isn’t entirely true. the real seattle rainy seasons starts about sept 18 and goes to about april 20. sure, there will be a stretches of sunny days but the rain rules.

    we get use it or so we think, but the rain and seattle 50 shade of grey can and does have an impact on the psyche. some people attribute the seasonal affective disorder to the lack of light, but i can help to imagine, in this region, the seattle 50 shades of grey can be a contributing reason.

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