Overwhelmed and Excited: Buying A House

FrontLife has been so overwhelming, but also extremely exciting at the same time. We bought a house this past week. It’s amazing and perfect for us. I feel safe there, the community is wonderful. Security is a huge thing for me. Where we currently live, I have an anxiety or panic attack every time someone knocks on the door. There are also random gunshots at night. I don’t feel safe walking my dog. I don’t have any of these problems in our new community. There’s a neighborhood watch, the cops patrol the area, and I feel comfortable waving to people (and they even wave back). I can’t wait to move into our new house.

Buying a house is so exciting, but there’s also so much to it. It can be overwhelming just making sure that all of the papers are signed properly. We may even have a tag sale before we move so we can get rid of some of the stuff we don’t want. I don’t want to do the tag sale because I don’t want to deal with strangers. So I decided that if my brother-in-law does it all, then I would split the money with him. I’ll have to talk to him about that soon and see what he says.

7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed and Excited: Buying A House

  1. tag sale- would you believe i’ve never heard that term until a couple of minutes ago. when i read tag sale i had a inquisitive furrowed brow wondering what you talking about. i’ve grown up wit rummage sales, garage sales, g sales (for people how have a hard time spelling garage)(lots of those in my neck of the woods), yard sales, multi family and estate sales.

    i’ve been tempted to go to g sales and ask them were their g’s are. still haven’t worked up the nerve yet.

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