I’m Going To A Meeting On Wednesday

Support 3-20-17

I spoke to my old sponsor last night and I asked her if she would bring me to a meeting. She was happy to do it. She even thanked me for asking her to do this favor. I suppose she thinks of it as service work. It turns out that it helps both of us! She knows me well, so she understands why I didn’t want to go to the meeting alone. I also told her that I know my husband would have been happy to bring me, but I wanted the support of a woman. Both she and my husband understood that.

We are going to meet on Wednesday evening for the 6pm meeting at the hall that I used to go to. We are going to try and meet a little bit early so we have time to talk. I’m looking forward to this but I’m also extremely nervous/terrified. With my friend’s help, I know I can do this. I’m lucky to have all of the support from my friends and family.

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