I’ve been feeling like crap since I woke up this morning. It’s just my sinuses; I can barely breathe. I’ve been feeling like this for a few days, but today it has gotten much worse. I’ve been taking all sorts of medication; Mucinex, Sudafed, Alka Seltzer, etc, and nothing seems to be working. I feel like shit. I’m hoping that I feel better by tomorrow evening so I can go to the meeting with my friend/sponsor.

Earlier this afternoon, I drove my step-daughter a couple towns over to pick up her new car. My mother-in-law bought her a new vehicle because the one she had was not safe enough and did not have working air conditioner for our granddaughter. The hardest part of this task, was going over to her house and not picking up my granddaughter. I didn’t want to spread any of my germs.

I’ve been packing a couple of boxes a day. I figure, that a little bit at a time will be a whole lot easier than trying to do it all at once. Due to my husband’s back, I’m doing most of, if not all of the packing. My step-daughter’s boyfriend is going to help us move everything from one house to the next.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Breathe, Not Feeling Well

  1. I have been sick for 12 days. I have all the meds you have plus antibiotic from the doc, because I don’t think the infection will go away by itself. I’m afraid of the infection going into other part of my body more than anything else. My immune system is low and can’t fight the infection.
    Hope you feel better soon. It’s hard to do so many things when you don’t have the energy to do it. Drink more may help!

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