I’ve been eating much healthier than normal, but there’s still room for improvement. All that matters is that I keep trying and I do my best. Apparently, I am very irritable today. My husband said I was a bit snappy; I know he’s right. I’m not sure why I’m so short-tempered today. Could it be because I’m not eating the junk food that I normally like to eat? Could it be because I’m overloaded with stuff that has to get done? Or maybe it’s due to the horrible heat-wave? Whatever the reason is, hopefully my bad mood won’t last too long.


3 thoughts on “Short-Tempered Today

  1. sounds like you’re at least a little bit overwhelmed. maybe it’s a bit of it all. it hard to be where you are. first, the action of snapping at people is never fun. Secondly, there’s the search for why. i wish i had answers. i could tell what i do, but you’re doing all i could do. know that you are walking a good walk. it’s a sucky journey sometimes, but keep going.

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