I feel worthless and pathetic pretty much every day. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a 20 or 30 minute reprieve during the day where I still feel horrible, but I don’t necessarily wish I was dead. I have not been lucky today. I am continuing to experience a lack of sleep and an excess amount of energy. My productivity is ongoing, I continued to deep clean various parts of our house and organize everything I could find. However, even though I remained physically energetic, my emotional side diminished into an even deeper depression.

From the moment I woke up today, I felt as if I could do nothing right. My mental state has been overall unworthy. My feelings are menial, shameful, worthless, insignificant, pathetic, stupid, and undesirable just to name a few things. Just as an example to the depths of my emotions, I watched a movie that is absolutely hilarious, but I wasn’t able to laugh at even one thing. I just stare at the TV, watching the movie and trying my best to sit still, and I listen to others laugh hysterically.

Normally I am capable of faking how I feel. I just put on a ‘happy mask’ and I don’t let people see how I’m really doing. I have been waiting all day for even the smallest part of my emotional state to change, but there have been no improvements. Honestly, I don’t really expect anything to change, I don’t deserve to feel better.

Tomorrow morning is my next ECT treatment. I’m not looking forward to it, but I will be extremely grateful if it can help even out my mixed episode. Feeling this depressed but not being able to sit still is extraordinarily excessive. It’s too much on my brain and my body. I wish I could allow myself to give up, but that’s not something I allow myself to do.

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