I decided to complete the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) paperwork. I did one years ago when I lived with my mother, and it was very helpful. It could probably help out my husband as well. WRAP helps people figure out and integrate wellness tools and healthy strategies into their lives. It helps both those with mental health illnesses and their caregivers. It asks open-ended questions and statements such as how are you when you feel well, what do you do to stay well, what are your triggers, what do you do when your triggers emerge, what are your early warning signs, and what are signs that you’re about to break down. These questions are just the beginning of the documents. It will take a while to complete. I will probably ask my husband and mother to help me complete my WRAP.

I think it can be a vital part to the maintenance and recovery of those with mental illnesses to have this type of information documented. The thing I like the most about the WRAP is that it helps us create a crisis plan; informing our loved ones and caregivers exactly what we do and don’t want, such as meds we do and don’t want to take, what hospitals we do and don’t want to go to, and who we are willing to let take control in a crisis situation. Completing the WRAP documents gives those of us with mental health illnesses a voice; we get to make decisions when we are well about how we want to be treated when we are sick.

The WRAP that I chose is from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in Austin, TX. It can be found using the link below. By Googling ‘Wellness Recovery Action Plan’, you can find many different options, and if you choose to do one, simply choose the one that’s right for you. It’s not easy to complete; it takes time in order to be thorough. It has helped me and my mother before, I’m sure it will be helpful again.

Click to access Developing-a-WRAP-Plan.pdf


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