I have so many things I need to get done today, but I’m having a hard time doing them. I’m not being lazy; I’m just overwhelmed with things to do. I have already gotten my blood work done, went to the gym to workout, went bowling with my husband, played cards with my mother-in-law, and did a bit of blogging (not in that order). However, there’s so much more to do. I still need to shower, cancel my upcoming ECT appointment, meditate, clean/organize the house a bit, and contact a couple of friends. I just don’t know where to start; probably with the shower.

A couple of months ago I applied to be a blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation. Yesterday, I received a response from them. They said I can choose to be either a guest blogger or monthly blogger. I’m so excited. I need to get started on this as well. I feel honored that the IBPF organization wants me to write for them. Getting started on this is more important to me than cleaning and organizing my house. I think I will shower and then meditate. Hopefully, that will relax me enough to keep writing today.

8 thoughts on “Excited About A New Blogging Opportunity

  1. Congrats! I think so many people will benefit from your experience, wisdom, and honesty.

    HONESTY is my foundation; HOPE is my motivation; FAITH & TRUST in GOD, my strength and guide; PROGRAM is my armor; ACTION is my responsibility; PROGRESS is my passion; VIGILANCE is my duty.

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