The past few days, I’ve been having a very hard time getting my day started. My muscles and joints feel like they’re too tired to move. This starts from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. I have no clue how to fix this. I did decide that I would try taking a day off of working out, which means no Zumba or gym workout today. I’ve spent a good amount of time today stretching my muscles, hoping that it would help, but there’s been no change so far.

I am so tired today that I actually took a nap for about 45 minutes. I slept fine last night, but for some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So far, today has not been at all productive. After I finish writing this, I am going to start cleaning my house. A clean house always makes me feel better; maybe it will help me.

I usually write when I wake up in the morning, but I haven’t had it in me to do that. I think I need to push myself to stick to my routine. When I wake up I should feed the dog, check my email, write about what’s on my mind, and then start any tasks written on my to-do list. I will try that again starting tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Started

    1. I either workout by myself at home doing Zumba, or I workout at the gym with my husband. He figures out all of our gym workouts, he’s a personal trainer. I think I would be too scared to do a group class.


        1. Buying the Zumba videos were definitely worth it for me. When I workout at the gym with my husband, he doesn’t leave my side. Even if I have to use the ladies room, he stands outside the women’s locker room waiting for me. He’s really great about helping reduce my anxiety and fears.

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