Happy 4th of July to everyone. This is a holiday where people like to get together with friends and family. People throw parties, grill, watch fireworks, and enjoy the company of others. However, that is difficult for me. I don’t do well at parties with lots of other people. When my husband asks me what I want to do today, I don’t always know what to say. I would rather stay home tonight and make sure the dog doesn’t freak out with the fireworks that will be going off. I’m using my dog as an excuse so I can stay home where I’m comfortable.

Sometimes I feel like I’m dragging people down because I don’t want to go out to family/friend parties, even though people tell me that it’s not a problem. I do push myself to do things that I’m uncomfortable with often. However, a 4th of July party is not something I can push myself to do. Maybe next year.

The past few days have been rough and I don’t know why. Nothing has changed that I can think of. I’m extremely tired and been having a big problem getting started each day for the past several days. Life is just overwhelming at this time, but I know it will pass eventually. I just have to hold on until these difficult times pass.

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