The International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) posted my third article. It discusses the difficulties of waiting for meds to kick in. Please check it out.

You can find my post on the IBPF website here.

9 thoughts on “IBPF: Waiting On Meds To Work

    1. Hi, I too deal with anxiety, depression as well as mood fluctuation. I believe it is all intertwined. I have no knowledge of what medications you are prescribed but as I have tested a couple medications through the past four years I have been put onto a cocktail of three. Lamictal, zoloft, and surprisingly vyvanse. I had been on effexor solely then my body got immune to the effects even after increasing my doses. I then added lamictal to that and it worked for a year then once again i got accustom to it. For a year I now have been on zoloft and lamictal and it has worked wonders for me. My body is very sensitive to drugs however so even just a few hours too late I can feel the anger and anxiety coming. Once you do feel any type of relaxation and i it subsides I believe it is better to add another medication rather than weening off of the drug you are currently prescribed and see how it goes. I know the process is very frustrating but stay positive! Meditation and exercise as well as fun hobbies can be very therapeutic. “Me” time is very important. I am not a doctor of any sort but I figured I’d share.

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  1. There’s nothing that makes me frustrated and sad to here someone say, “I tried that drug and it made me sick all week so I stopped.” I always wonder if that was the one drug they really needed. Great article.

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