I’m trying to do some research to make sure that I pick the very best Medicare plan, both medical and pharmaceutical. I have all of the information I need to gather accurate data, however; it’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I take 14 medications and see 9 different doctors (I only see 6 of the doctors regularly). I spent about 3 hours today trying to find out which pharmaceutical plans approve my 14 different medications. I’m also trying to find out which medical plans have my doctors as in-network. I think I want a PPO instead of a HMO.

Anyway, I spent hours trying to figure this stuff out, and I didn’t really get anywhere. I wish this didn’t have to be so difficult. Luckily, people from Medicare are helping me, and my Mom is offering her assistance. I want to start figuring this out early, because I have a feeling that the end date will sneak up on me before I know it.

I’m hoping that in the end, after I choose and enroll in a new Medicare plan, my medial and prescription costs will be less throughout the year. Right now, with Original Medicare, I am responsible for 20% of everything, and that turns out to be a lot of money. I just have to do the best research I can and make the most knowledgeable decision to help save some money.

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