The other day I spoke about Dual Diagnosis. Just because I’m 12 years sober, doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with addiction. I no longer crave drugs or alcohol, but I still have addictions. Generally, anything that I do, I do it to the extreme. That can include cooking, cleaning, and eating. Those things may sound weird, but I still over-do all of them. Also, when times are difficult, those are the things I turn to. I also quit smoking cigarettes a couple of years ago, which was extremely difficult.

When times are tough, everyone turns to something for relief. My problem is that whatever it is that I turn to, over-do. Does anyone want to share the addictions they struggle with? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I feel that talking about my addictions helps me feel better.

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  1. I responded to your post the other day. I struggle with alcohol and ciggarettes. When I do one the other is there and yes to the extreme. This is something I have struggled with for years before I ever knew I had PTSD

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  2. No joke…coffee is my major addiction! I drink at least 7 cups a day. I’d have more, but I try to keep myself from drinking more. (I just quit smoking. I am clean and sober for 11 years on drugs and alcohol though).

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    1. I completely agree that coffee is a major addiction. I personally don’t drink it, but I do see it being a huge addiction in many people’s lives. Congrats on quitting smoking, that’s very difficult. And congrats on 11 years sober! That’s amazing!!

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  3. I have two kinds of addictions – those that come on strong and then fade away, and those that are long term. For long term, I have an addiction to coffee, anorexia (restriction), exercise, ballet, cleaning, and shopping. My short term addictions/fixations right now are varied and I think anchored in my long term addictions (like shopping for specific types of things in themes). I have a very addictive personality, yet I’ve never drank, done drugs or anything like that. I think part of it is fear of being overpowered and becoming addicted to those things, but it is also knowing others and seeing first hand how those things destroyed their lives that turned me away from those specific things.

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    1. I understand what you are saying about short term and long term addictions. I think it’s a great idea that you having drank alone or used drugs. As you know, addictions, any addiction, is dangerous. Good for you for recognizing your addictions and working on them.


  4. My addiction seems to be food. I would rather it be alcohol, which is a close second. I see these more as abuses, not addiction. My adult son has an addictive personality. He us now in rehab. I’m thankful, but hesitate to rejoice just yet.

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  5. I am almost a year sober from alcohol and can also relate with taking everything to the extreme. Doesn’t matter what it is. Even activities that are healthy I go overboard on.

    Congrats on your success!

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  6. I am new to all of this and I just posted my first blog post. This is the first blog I have read and I can relate for sure!! I have a good bit of clean time as well but like you said in this post and I talked about in my post I do everything to the fullest too. We have an addictive personality that we were born with so as long as we put it to good use and use it for something that is bettering our lives then I feel that we kind have an advantage over the Normy’s lol and no thats not a word making fun of anyone it’s just what addicts call the people that don’t have our disease. We say ” there is the normal people and the rest of us”. Lol just wanted to clear that up because I don’t talk bad on anyone. I respect everyone and their opinions. Everyone is made different and we all see things differently. I just wish that everyone would do that as well and that we could all get along in this world! Congrats on your clean time and keep doing the next right thing! Great post!

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          1. Hey which blog did u read? I started one a while ago and my laptop broke shortly after so there are 2 that say Natesblogs N8sblogs but one is and the other is or u can type Nathen also. I am working hard on my site and hoping to have it finished by today but it’s hard to just focus on that because I constantly get sidetracked somehow and soon as I realize it a few hrs have gone bye lol

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              1. Ok I thought so I am going to have to take car of that somehow lol I’m trying to keep focused on this site I’m doing right now and I keep getting off track I really want to get my site finished today so every time another idea pops in my head I am just going to write it down and try my best not to stop what I am doing to check out all of my idea’s! Wish me luck lol

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  7. Hello and thank you for your post. I am actually new to blogging and found your site. I am currently struggling with addiction and in the beginning stages of recovery. I have only been sober one week which I feel silly saying but I guess I have to start somewhere! I have been an addict for 7 years and have recently come to terms with it. I am in individualized therapy along with being on a waiting list for a women’s recovery group program. I can definitely understand over-doing things. Currently I have been practicing replacement therapy as my therapist recommended for me. For those that are unfamiliar it is when you replace your addiction craving with an activity that is also pleasurable but obviously not bad for your health such as a hobby. However, I have to be careful not to over-do things so I am trying to find an array of different hobbies and past-times to help me stay sober but to also not obsess over any one thing. I don’t know if this is something you would be interested in doing but I googled “inexpensive hobbies” and found a bunch of ideas I hadn’t previously thought of. Maybe give it a try! That’s is how I got the idea to start blogging. Anyway I’m really enjoying your blog and am excited to follow you! Best regards!

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  8. Thank you so much. I feel really great so far and a lot more clear-headed. I can’t wait to be able to say that I’ve been just even 1 year sober!

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