My thoughts are racing. Thoughts go through my mind, in and out, so quickly that none of them are full ideas. My racing thoughts are making it extremely difficult for me to focus on any one important idea. For example,  I’m trying to figure out what health insurance would fit me best, but my mind can’t focus on anything, especially things that are that important.

It’s difficult when you can’t make up your mind. My husband asks me questions, simple questions, that I don’t know the answer to. My husband can’t understand why I can’t figure out what I want. Most people can’t understand why I can’t make decisions; even I can’t figure it out. Is it just because my thoughts are racing, is it because I’m over-tired, is it due to my anxiety? If I could figure out why I can’t make decisions, then maybe I could start learning to make up my mind.

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Make Up My Mind

  1. I wish I had the answer to this dilemma, because I’m the exact same way. I don’t know why it can be so difficult to make decisions. Is it fear of making the “wrong” one? Is it a lack of connection to what you are feeling? Something else? I don’t know.

    Just know you’re not alone.

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  2. Someone once told me that when you can’t choose between two things, flip a coin. Heads is choice A and Tails is choice B. It isn’t that you have to live with the way the coin goes – but if the coin lands on heads and you feel disappointed, it tells you that you wanted B. If it lands on heads and you are happy about it, you know that was your internal choice after-all. Just a thought.

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  3. I’ve always thought it was because we have such chatty minds.

    When I have the racey-head of a thousand Megan’s – I can’t seem to distinguish one voice between another, and it has often had me staring gormlessly at the selection of chocolate in our local store for 40 minutes because I simply cannot decide which one I fancy. Burden of my life!

    I’m not sure whether you head sounds ‘loud’ most of the time like mine does, but its the Bipolar symptom I tend to shift the blame on why I can’t make up my mind on almost any dilemma flung my way.

    M x

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