Yesterday, my dog, Cash, got sick and threw up. He was slightly lethargic during the rest of the day. He ate a smaller dinner and the good news was that he didn’t get sick again. When I fed him this morning, he didn’t care about eating any food. He has many allergies, so I have to be extremely careful what he eats. I tried a couple of times to get him to eat, but he still refused. My husband finally got him to eat a treat after a couple of hours, that’s better than nothing.

I’ve been worrying about him all day. Of course, today is Cash’s 11th birthday. I felt so bad for him. I decided that if he was still like this tomorrow, I would take him to the vet. Thankfully, when it was time for dinner, he jumped up and was more than ready to eat. I’m happy to say that he’s doing much better.

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