The only errand I had yesterday was to go grocery shopping and get my prescriptions. I didn’t time things well, I ended up going to the store right after most people get out of work, but I thought the store would be slower than normal due to Veteran’s Day. If anything, the store was busier than normal, but I handled it.

As I was leaving the store a guy who appeared to be in his early 20s was in front of me. It felt as if he was trying to hide behind my cart, which made me very uncomfortable. Then two managers from the store came out and asked the guy to come back in the store. The guy automatically started saying, “I didn’t do anything, what do you want?” He was acting very guilty and the employees had to physically force the guy back into the store. I walked away as quickly as possible. I have no clue why I was so uncomfortable and fearful. Why did that situation bother me so much?

I never stole anything before. Growing up in a family that had their own independent pharmacy, there were always people stealing from the store. My dad didn’t press charges on kids/teenagers. Instead, he made them work off what they owed Maybe, what happened today is just reminding me of my childhood.

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