It feels as if all I do is eat, sleep, blog, and go to doctor appointments. At least I have a vacation coming up. So the next couple weeks, I’ll add in packing to my list of crap that has to get done. Of course, since I’m going back east and I’ve gained some weight, making me more self-conscious than normal, I probably need to find some new, warmer clothes.

I went through my closet today to find some winter clothes, and it didn’t go as bad as I thought. I found five sweaters and one long-sleeved shirt that fit, which is more than I thought I would find. Over the next two weeks, I’m going to go shopping to find some more long-sleeved shirts. I generally don’t like to go shopping because I hate trying things on that are too small, but I go when I have to. To possibly avoid clothes being too small, I pick things out that are a size bigger than I think I am; that usually works out well for me.

3 thoughts on “Finding Warmer Clothes

  1. Is definitely cold in the east coast I am in NC and I under stand the struggle of trying to find cloths that fit (especially when shopping) Half the time when I am shopping for something that has to have a certain criteria. I end up giving up. I hope you have a great vacation. Hopefully I will be getting one soon..

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