I went to group last night; I had accidentally forgotten to go last week. I was nervous, but I was also looking forward to going. I had a lot on my mind; plus, I had just dropped dinner and dealt with that situation. I want to be going to a group every week; I’m looking for something that will be a part of my normal schedule. I don’t think that this group can give that to me, but it’s still important to go to a group to have support from other people like me.

I waited 20 minutes for someone to show up, but no one came. I was going to just turn right around and go home, but I thought it would be better to stay. I had already gotten myself to the group, which is not an easy task, I might as well stay to see if someone show’s up. They could have made some kind of announcement last week, which I did not attend, saying that group was canceled, I’ll never know. When the time was up and no one comes, I turned around and went home. I’m still giving myself credit for going there and trying.

6 thoughts on “No Support Group Last Night?

  1. Trying to do something like go to a group can be difficult. I know not knowing it was canceled can be tough too. You went anyway knowing you needed support form some who is experiencing what you are. you gave it your best shot and waited. The least thing they could do would be to send out a weekly email with a schedule of when group meetings are going to happen. Keep on trying and try and stay positive. I am here if you ever need to talk.

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