As if there weren’t already enough things to go to, I was invited to go to a graduation for a cousin. We just had Thanksgiving, then on Sunday I have a family reunion, then I travel for a week, then there’s a friend’s birthday party, and then we celebrate Christmas at two different places. Isn’t that enough to do? Plus, this graduation is an overnight event, and my husband wouldn’t be able to go.

When I was invited, I just said that I would have to check to see what’s going on at that time. I have to figure out how to say no. It should be okay to say no, that I have too much going on, but it makes me very nervous for some reason. I think it would be better to say no, than to go away for a couple of days without my husband and have anxiety attacks.

2 thoughts on “Invited To Another Event

  1. it is a great opportunity to practice saying no. For me – I used feel I needed a long reason and explanation when I said no to something. I have found that I all I need to say is “I’m sorry, I can’t make it. Thank you for thinking of me.” or something like that. No one usually cares about my long stories anyway – they were for me, not for the other person. Simpler is usually better.

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