It seems that I don’t know how to say no to anyone or anything. This time, it is affecting my husband. I tried to explain to him how difficult it is for me, but I don’t think he understood (not for a lack of trying). This is something that I really need to work on, but for some reason I haven’t found the right time to try it. Every time I come close to saying no to someone/something, I have an anxiety attack and freeze up. It becomes literally impossible for me to say no. I wonder if I’ll ever get over this. I suppose it’s one of my biggest fears.

10 thoughts on “Saying No – My Biggest Difficulty

  1. Girl my biggest thing is I say NO all the time, I just have some fear of saying YES! I always feel i’m stuck with whatever I say YES to, so I say NO!! Wishing you well, I guess this why people think I’m a mean little woman, lol!!!

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  2. I definitely relate here, just the thought of other people thinking bad of me is so, so horrible and so often I say yes. Is there a way you could say subtly suggest something else rather than a straight out ‘no’ if it is so difficult maybe?

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