My psychiatrist emailed me to let me know that my blood work has improved, but it’s still not where he wants it to be. I take Cytomel, a thyroid medication, even though I don’t have a thyroid problem. There have been some studies in the past few years that show high doses of thyroid hormones can act as a mood stabilizer for bipolar depression patients. However, taking this medication has thrown off my thyroid level, so we’re working at finding the right dose that will help as a mood stabilizer and not mess up my thyroid levels. He is increasing my Cytomel and I will do more blood work in one month to see if it has helped. I always get nervous every time there is a medication change or dose increase/decrease.

7 thoughts on “Thyroid Hormone As A Mood Stabilizer

  1. I know there is some kind of connection between hypothyroidism and depression, so it makes sense to me that medication to treat hypothyroidism would help depression. In my case, it hasn’t. I have hypothyroidism, either due to Lithium or my eating disorder, and thus far my time on medication for it hasn’t helped my energy levels and I think my metabolism is still shot. I have to get my thyroid checked again before I go back so we may raise the medication. I hope an increase helps you.

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