Cash is home from the vets office. He did great in surgery. They removed a total of 16 lumps, including the one on his eyelid. They were all just under the skin, so nothing major occurred during surgery. He looks a little like a jig-saw puzzle. He has to wear the e-collar for two weeks. The stitches come out on February 16th. He’s still coming out of the sedation right now. He can’t decided if he wants to sit or lay down. It probably hurts him to lay down because of the incisions.

5 thoughts on “Cash Is Home From A Successful Surgery

  1. it’s all fun and game til someone has to wear a cone.

    sherlock is a long veteran with the cone. about the only he can’t do with then cone is come up the stairs. he can go down stairs, fetch just about anywhere, run anywhere at full speed he’d normally go, jump up on. furniture, eat and drink to name a few. he is so well accustomed , when it comes time to put it, with tail wagging, lifts is nose and stretches out his neck for easy positioning.

    jimmy, on the other hand, is a totally different story. he hasn’t had much conage in his last life. we’ve had to put it on him a couple teams in a few months. first, he’s massively, majorly cautious, and before he move. then, he’ll start to slowing moves. he’ll bump into something and ponder. wait a minute, i’m this wide and the thing i bumped into is that far away. how could i have bumped into anything. i better stop until i figure out what is wrong. and there he will stay. sad.

    sorry for any missed edits today. running on low energy.


    1. I ended up buying him an inflatable e-collor. It’s like a neck pillow and it’s so much easier to deal with. He can eat, drink, and move around easily. I didn’t even know they had ones like this until my husband mentioned it.


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