Today was another day of missing Cash. Every time I walked into my house, I expected to see him at the door, eagerly greeting me.  When I’m cooking in the kitchen, I expect to see him anxiously waiting to clean up the mess that I left on the floor. Basically, I keep thinking that he will be there when I look over my shoulder. I know that this won’t really happen. I can’t wait for this instinct to stop.

I have received many nice phone calls, emails, and text messages from friends and family, all of which are giving me their condolences. It’s so nice that all of these people care enough to send me their kind thoughts and words. I’m doing my best to say busy. It will help me process and deal with everything that has happened.

4 thoughts on “Missing Cash

  1. it is obvious from your post that you loved and cared about your dog, cash. that’s a wonderful things. when that happens, it lengthens the time of the instinctual reaction. i’m going to make a suggestion for your own well being. make those memories about the love that you had as opposed to the love that is gone. it will make those times a little easier.

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  2. After our dog passed, we purchased one of those digital photo frames, chose some of our favorite happy moment photos of him and placed it where we see it everyday.

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