Last night, my husband wasn’t up for going on a walk like we normally do, he just wasn’t feeling well. However, I still had to go get the mail, and I decided to make a walk out of it. I simply walked in a circle; up a couple of streets, over one block, and back home. It only took me 15 minutes; however, my heart was racing the entire time. I was so afraid, I kept jumping every time I heard a noise. I knew I was walking in a safe neighborhood, but I couldn’t help my reactions. I don’t think I want to go on walks anymore without my husband. Although, the only way I’ll get comfortable walking on my own is with practice.

4 thoughts on “Walking Alone

  1. I don’t like walking on my own either it’s a bit of an issue!!! Even walking the kids to school in the day I’m scared of walking home alone. I did so well doing more and more every week but after the kids have had a week off of school I slipped back into being scared again. I can’t walk anywhere at night alone, like u my heart races the whole time it’s awful. I totally understand how u feel xxx

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