This is me, continuing to push myself. I am trying to get more comfortable in my own body, especially with my legs. I deserve to be comfortable in my own skin and I’m working on reaching that goal. Normally, I don’t even feel secure enough in my own body, even when I’m home alone, so I almost always wear pants. However, I’m trying to become a bit more comfortable with myself. Over the past few days, I have been wearing pajama shorts around the house and while on walks. I need to become more secure with myself.

I’m posting these pictures of my legs that I took yesterday. I need to become comfortable walking around the house and the neighborhood in shorts. I also need to become comfortable knowing that these pictures are out there. And like yesterday’s post, I know that people are not focusing on me and my legs. I’m not the center of attention (thankfully).

My Legs Full 7-8-17

14 thoughts on “Learning To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin

    1. Thank you. This was my second tattoo (I have six total). The bottom part of my tattoo on my thigh is about my life when I was using and how horrible it was. Then the middle part is about my transformation when I got sober. The top part is about living sober. Even though life can be rough living with bipolar disorder and PTSD, it’s a million times harder doing it while still getting using. I got sober 13 years ago, and I’m grateful for everything I have today.

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