My dose stayed at 100mg again last night. My sleep keeps improving. Last night, I fell asleep easily and slept about 6 hours without waking up. When I woke up, I was tired, but had no other symptoms. I guess my body is getting used to the medication.

Yesterday, after taking a showing and getting dressed, I had to rest for couple hours before running errands. I seem to get tired very easily. After resting, I ran some simple errands. I came home from that and ended up crashing on the couch. I napped for about two hours; however, I could only sleep 5 or 10 minutes at a time. It appears that I get exhausted very easily after any physical exertion.

One thought on “Clozapine Rechallenge – Day 12

  1. You have years of sleep deprivation to make up for… your body is catching up. It could be the meds or it could be a psychological thing – freedom to let go and sleep without the constant, recirculating anxiety, fears, and other factors that kept you restless and awake.

    Go with the flow…

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