I’m still on the 100mg dose. My psychiatrist says that he’s keeping me at that dose because of the energy and fatigue that I’ve been experiencing. He doesn’t want to increase my dose until I can do some regular activities without having to nap for a couple hours afterwards. I’m very grateful that he’s not pushing the dosage increase. I’m supposed to start keeping track of this symptom using a number scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is none and 10 is the worst. This will be difficult to do, but I’ll try.

Today I woke up again with no side effects, and I even slept through the night. I won’t know how my energy and fatigue is until later in the day. I will rate yesterday’s energy and fatigue as a 5. It’s better than most days, but I’m still falling asleep if I sit down and rest for even a couple minutes.

I think I’m going to stop posting about my Clozapine rechallenge every day because it seems to be the same thing each day. If there are changes I will definitely post them, but I’m finally at 2 weeks, so I think I can cut back on these posts.

2 thoughts on “Clozapine Rechallenge – Day 14

  1. I am at 100 mg. 100 mg of Cloz is like 400 mg of Seroquel. I have too strong a manic side to take lighter meds like Abilify, Invega, Geodon and Latuda. One good thing about Cloz is there is virtually no risk for Tardive Dyskinesia.

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    1. I just got off of Seroquel a few days ago, I’ve been on 400mg for a while. Basically, I feel like I’ve taken extra Seroquel and Lunesta, during the day. I can fall asleep in the middle of an activity for even just a moment. It’s pretty frustrating. I’m hoping my body will get used to the Clozapine over time. I’ve tried all those other meds too, and none worked for me. I have a lot of hopes for the Clozapine. It’s really nice knowing it works well for you.


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