Everyone has something they enjoy doing. When you’re dealing with depression, those things you normally enjoy seem to become work instead of fun. One of the things I like to do is search online for gifts to give my loved ones. I even tend to enjoy it when I’m going through a depressive episode. I greatly enjoy giving people personal and meaningful gifts, something that they would enjoy. I don’t always know why I like doing this so much; I just do. Better yet, I’ve been told by many family members that I’m really good at it. I suppose that when I’m looking for the perfect gift for someone, I think back through all of my memories I have with that person. I think about that individual, what they enjoy, and I get to replay our good times together. Then, when I give the person their gift, I get to see the enjoyment on their face and/or in their voice. All of that is a gift that I get.

For example, my brother just got married and I gave them a set of four stone coasters. Each coaster had a different vintage map on it; his new wife is into vintage things. I put a different map on each coaster. For their honeymoon, they went on a cruise. I looked up their cruise and found out where it was going. I put the different places they went during their honeymoon on the coasters. That way, every time they use the coasters, they would remember their honeymoon. I wasn’t sure if they would like them or not, but they ended up loving them. I really enjoyed hearing the excitement in their voices and their thank you card when I heard from them shortly after they returned, which was a great gift to me.

I’ve already started my Christmas shopping this year; actually, I started at least a month ago. I keep a list of all of my ideas, that way I don’t forget since my memory is so horrible. Then I buy a couple of things here and there. This makes it easier for me when Christmas comes along; it takes the stress off during the holidays. I don’t have to spend one large sum of money all at once; I just spend a little bit at a time. I’m not pressured to come up with gift ideas in a short amount of time. Why didn’t I think of doing this earlier? The only problem is that I get so excited about the gifts when I get them in the mail (since I do almost all of my shopping online) that I have a hard time waiting to give the gifts to each person. I’m doing well so far this year; I haven’t given anything away early.

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