For the past several weeks, my blood work results have been getting worse. My white blood cell (WBC) count, eosinophils, and absolute eosinophil have all been high and increasing every week. My WBC should be somewhere between 4 and 11 k/mm3, instead, it got as high as 13.6 k/mm3. My eosinophils should be between 0 and 7%, but it maxed out at 26%. My absolute eosinophil should be in the range of 0 and 0.7 k/uL, but my got to be as high as 2.9 k/uL.

I don’t really know what these levels mean, except that it makes it very difficult for me to get my Clozapine prescription filled every week. My psychiatrist and my pharmacist get copies of my blood work results every week, and every week my pharmacist questions whether or not to fill my prescription. It becomes a huge deal and I usually have to have my psychiatrist call my pharmacy to tell them it is okay to fill my prescription. It’s never an easy task, and starting next month, it’s about to get even more difficult. My pharmacist told me there are new protocols being put in place starting in May. If blood work results are off, like they have been every week, then they have to be sent to the central Clozapine database. The database will decide if the prescription can be filled instead of the pharmacists and doctors making the decision.

Luckily, I think all of these problems might be coming to an end for me, hopefully. For the first time in a month, my levels are finally going back to normal. It might take a little while to completely return to normal, but at least it’s headed in the right direction. My WBC is within normal limits at 9.7 k/mm3. My eosinophils are down to 17% and my absolute eosinophil is down to 1.7 k/uL. Those are all huge improvements for me; I’m hoping my pharmacist will see this and fill my prescription without question.

I have been living week to week for the past month, never knowing if I’m going to be able to stay on this medication. Every week, I wait for blood work results and then wait to find out if my prescription can be filled. My bipolar disorder already causes me not to have control over my own life. The Clozapine blood work, test results, and weekly prescription fills have allowed me to have even less control than I normally have. I’m hoping that since my blood work results are finally improving, I won’t have to keep worrying about whether or not I can get my prescription every week. I am concerned about what will happen when he increases my dosage again, but I can only worry about some many things at one time. I don’t want to add this to my long list of worries, especially since it is also something I have no control over.

4 thoughts on “My Lab Results Finally Improved

    1. That is accurate. The medication was throwing my blood work off, but that was a problem because the med is Clozapine. It is known to have some very bad side effects, but now that I’m finally adjusting to it, I no longer have to worry.

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      1. I’m glad things are working out for you! Medication is tough to deal with. I had similar problems with Lithium side effects but ultimately I had to come off of it because it got worse and not better. It never made sense because my Lithium levels were always normal.

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        1. Hopefully, now that my blood work is improving, I might actually be able to get to a therapeutic dose with the Clozapine; then maybe it would finally start working.

          I also have side effects with Lithium when my levels are normal. My whole body shakes uncontrollably. Every person is different and reacts differently to each med.

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