Since the beginning of April, I have been getting my weekly Clozapine blood work done on Fridays. A couple of weeks ago, somehow the day that I pick  up my prescription changed. Instead of picking up my filled prescription on Sundays or Mondays, I’m picking it up on Thursdays.

Since I now pick up the script on Thursdays, it seems a bit ridiculous  to get my blood work done on Friday. I’m going to start by changing my blood work days to Mondays. Depending on how things go, I will either stay with Mondays or change to Tuesdays.

All I know is that my psychiatrist and pharmacist should be getting current blood test results. Right now, by getting blood work done on Fridays and prescriptions filled on Thursdays, none of my results are technically current. I’ll see how Mondays go for a while; I have an appointment right now for Monday at 2pm.

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