I hate solicitation. It makes me uncomfortable and full of fear. My husband’s idea is to get a “No Solicitation” sign to put in the front yard, I think that’s a great idea. Normally, our dog scares people away (he’s an 88 pound Pitbull mix), but not this time. Our dog is a sweetheart, but his size and bark tends to frighten people. When I’m home alone, I freak out any time the doorbell rings or when the dog starts to bark. It’s extremely scary for me. Even when my husband is home, I still get nervous, just not as much. I used to keep a baseball bat by the door to make me feel more comfortable. Sometimes I carry a knife with me to help me feel secure.

Yesterday, some guy came by the house trying to sell Tupperware. I told the guy at the door that I didn’t have time, but he kept talking. I told him my husband would be home shortly (which was a lie), so the salesman said he’ll come back in a little bit when my husband gets home. I told him we don’t have time. He said he’ll try coming back next week. I told him I’m not interested, but he still wants to come by again. I have a hard time being direct with people in these types of situations, it feels like confrontation. I wish I could just tell solicitors that I don’t want whatever they are selling and not to come back.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Solicitors

  1. dont feel bad hon these people are such bullshitters they never shut up they just keep talking and hope you’ll give in! a sign is a great idea. i recently put one on my front gate it says no junk mail to be dropped in my letter box. unfortunately i’m still getting it. a lot of these people who drop leaflets in come during the night when we are sleeping. xoxo

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  2. Fortunately, were I live, back in the woods a good ways from the “main” road…I rarely have people come to the house to sell or tell me about their religious beliefs, but when they do…it freaks me out. I never open the door so they see in my house. My dog barks as soon as he hears the car door close. I open the door and step out on the porch closing the door behind me. But I have stood in my kitchen watching through the window until they leave as well. I don’t do well with unexpected people at my door!

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    1. Unexpected visitors are scary to me too. I open the door, but not the metal screen door, just so they can see my 88 pound pit mix. I hope that he will scare them off. But I don’t open the metal screen door for anyone. I miss living in the country where solicitors are few and far between.

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