I often wonder what I can do to help my mental health. For example, my therapist wants me to stand up for myself and say no more often. It has me thinking, isn’t it a part of my personality, of who I am, the fact that I have a hard time saying no? Is my bipolar disorder a part of my personality or vise versa? Am I supposed to change my personality to improve my mental health?

I know there are some things that need or needed change. Twelve years ago, I stopped drinking and using drugs, which was extremely difficult. That improved both my mental and physical health. It was my activities that I changed, not my personality. I suppose that it’s not so much what I do, but how I do and handle it. I’m not sure if any of this makes much sense, but they are the thoughts that are wandering around in my mind the past couple days.

4 thoughts on “Is It My Personality?

  1. The way it’s been explained to me, our illness both creates new and amplifies existing traits. Like I am an impulsive and obsessive person by nature but those are amplified by ADHD and bipolar. It is something I have to watch out for all the time, not just during a mood episode. Yet there are other examples where the illness creates problems that would not otherwise be present. I’m having trouble thinking of an example but I know they exist. Or maybe those new creations have always been potentials and the illness brought it out. I think I’ve confused myself now. =) Like how I mentioned previously that I’ve never drank alcohol or done drugs – the potential for abuse is in my blood and abstaining is the best method for me. Does that mean it is a part of my personality? Or genetics? Or some mixture of both? It’s a lot to ponder. I do think in general, having bipolar makes us susceptible to other symptoms that might not otherwise exist.

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